Our customised training programme for 3D rendering

Discover the advantages of INNEO® Training!

KeyShot is undoubtedly the easiest to use and quickest to learn 3D CGI software on the market. However, as in all areas, the best tools alone do not make a master.

INNEO® has been one of the few Certified KeyShot Training Centres in the world since 2020.
This means that INNEO trainers are regularly trained and certified by Luxion.

In the KeyShot training courses, INNEO® not only provides a detailed introduction to the programme, but above all
the necessary background knowledge and the basics for realistic 3D rendering – from classic photo and lighting technology to the most important
details of light refraction in and on various media.

INNEO® offers courses for beginners, advanced and experienced users as well as update training. Our offer is available both as standard training in one of the 10 INNEO training centres worldwide and as company-specific workshops either delivered in person or online.

  • Introduction to KeyShot

    Price per person, excluding VAT
    • Understanding the basic user interface
    • Importing and positioning 3D models into the scene
    • Applying materials
    • Applying textures to the model
    • Applying labels to the model
    • Setting lighting options
    • Setting up cameras
    • Specify render output quality and settings
  • KeyShot Update Training

    Price per person, excluding VAT
    • What's new in the latest version of KeyShot
    • An overview of all new features and elements
  • KeyShot Animation

    Price per person, excluding VAT
    • Creating different model animations
    • Creating different camera animations
    • Creating different material animations
    • Creating different environment animations
    • Manipulating the animation timeline
    • Render and output options for animations
  • KeyShot Web and Configurator Training

    Price per person, excluding VAT
    • Setting up material variations
    • Setting up model variations
    • Utilising the Configurator
    • Creating interactive 3D renders for the web
  • Material Manipulation within KeyShot

    Price per person, excluding VAT
    • How to edit the CAD geometry in KeyShot
    • Applying multiple materials to the same part
    • Using different utility nodes in the material graph
    • Using different geometry nodes to create displacement effects
    • Overview of how to create bubbles, flakes, and fuzz geometry
    • Accessing and using the material graph to manipulate materials in the library
  • Perfecting Environments and Lighting

    Price per person, excluding VAT
    • Best practise for setting up HDRIs from scratch
    • Understanding the appropriate use of physical lights
    • Understanding the power of imperfections and volumetrics
    • Understand how to properly utilise the Lighting Tab to control the overall lighting in any scene

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