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More than 3,700 companies in various industries rely on the KeyShot portfolio from #1 reseller INNEO.
Be it hardware, software or services – we are your single source for all your needs. Read for yourself.

  • KeyShot: the simplest and fastest way to share your concepts with a client

    "In the past, the visualisation process was so complicated and lengthy that one person would be involved in that aspect of work full time. As a small and efficient company, we could not afford such luxury, however the speed and simplicity of KeyShot means that we can output dramatic and realistic visuals at all stages of the design process, without leaving the modelling environment. The results have been so good that many of our clients now also return to us for visuals and animations."

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    Roger Carr, Director
    Roger Carr, Director Radar GB Ltd
  • KeyShot as a vital design and presentation tool

    "KeyShot has quickly become a ‘must have’ solution that LA simply could not manage without. Its immediacy and accuracy allows KeyShot to be used as a dynamic design and evaluation tool, even ‘live’ in meetings with our clients. It is not simply a means to visualise finished products. Clients love the images at every stage."

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    David Robinson, Director
    David Robinson, Director LA Design
  • Months ahead thanks to KeyShot

    "Seen, tested, purchased – the benefits of KeyShot are simply completely obvious and cannot be dismissed. Already in the testing phase we were able to produce very realistic renderings with little effort. With the combination of performance, highest image quality and ease of use KeyShot is entirely designed to target the needs of designing companies for better visualisation of products."

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    Rainer Gnann, Appplication support and management
    Rainer Gnann, Appplication support and management Liebherr-Mischtechnik GmbH
  • Off to a flying start with KeyShot and INNEO

    "INNEO’s professional approach, knowledge and support helped ensure we were off to a flying start with KeyShot right from the beginning and we were soon achieving excellent results and speeding up our design process."

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    Mark Teucher, Director Crux Product Design Limited
  • Incalculable Benefits through KeyShot Visuals

    KeyShot provides incalculable value by enabling us to present engine concepts to prospective customers early in the design process. In Addition we can communicate design and manufacturing issues to our suppliers using Animation and interactive VR visuals more clearly than ever before.

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    Norman Hadley, Principal Design Engineer
    Norman Hadley, Principal Design Engineer Technomot Limited
  • The complex became simpler with Creo and KeyShot

    INNEO’s personable and helpful approach has been a refreshing experience compared to some software resellers I have dealt with previously, and their technical understanding and responsiveness has proven invaluable on a number of occasions.

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    Niall Hamilton, Design Consultant
    Niall Hamilton, Design Consultant Formotive Design Studio

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