KeyShot FREE drop-in training day

First Wednesday of every month

Book your slot for our free training sessions!

Why not join one of our free KeyShot 25 minute private 1:1 sessions and talk to one of our KeyShot technical experts. We host these every month and we expect them to get booked up very quickly. So be quick and reserve your slot now!

Bring your own model to our drop in training sessions to learn how to overcome the all the problems you’ve been facing. We will give you the best advice and help you improve your model. We will be able to answer your questions, whether related to materials or lighting, stills or animations, configurations or workflow.

Don’t miss out

With a total of 40 sessions available, you will have the opportunity to learn what you need to know from our experts. You will gain valuable skills and knowledge which will improve your rendering skills. And don’t worry, if you still think you’d like our experts to give you more advice, you/your company can book our training courses with an exclusive 10% discount.

The sessions start at 9am and will be every 30 minutes until 5pm. Allowing you to have a full 25 minute private session with our expert.