KeyShot World on the Road

Manchester – 27th March

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KeyShot World hits the road, making its mark in three vibrant locations across the UK. We are thrilled to announce that one of these incredible events will be hosted in the dynamic city of Manchester on the 27th of March.

Dive into the Future of Design with Expert-Led Workshops

Join us for a day filled with innovation and enlightenment as our expert team unveils brand-new workshops aimed at elevating your KeyShot expertise. Discover the latest techniques, tips, and tricks that will revolutionise the way you approach rendering, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of design.

A Unique Opportunity for Collaboration and Improvement

At KeyShot World on the Road, we are not just offering workshops; we’re providing a platform for meaningful conversations. Our team is eager to engage with you, discussing your unique design needs and exploring how KeyShot can be tailored to enhance your creative process. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your journey with KeyShot, this event is designed to empower you to become a better KeyShot user.

Following the resounding success of KeyShot World in London, we are thrilled to bring this experience to multiple locations in 2024. KeyShot World on the Road is our way of extending the opportunity for inspiration, education, and networking to design enthusiasts across the UK.

Unlock Your Potential – Registration is Free!

We believe in making knowledge accessible to all, which is why participation in KeyShot World on the Road is absolutely free of charge. Seize this opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals, gain invaluable insights, and elevate your KeyShot skills.

Register now for KeyShot World on the Road in Manchester on the 27th of March.

Can’t Make It to Manchester? Join Us in Coventry or Southampton!

If Manchester doesn’t work for you on March 27th, no worries! KeyShot World on the Road is also happening in Coventry and Southampton. The content and experience are the same at each location, so you won’t miss out on anything by choosing one over the other.

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Agenda – this is what awaits you

Join us for the day and hear from our fantastic INNEO experts



Andy Dinsdale, Digital Reality Sales Manager, INNEO Solutions


What’s New in KeyShot
Hazel Suttle, XR Solutions Manager, INNEO Solutions
Chris Udell, XR Technical Specialist, INNEO Solutions

Find out what the latest features and enhancements KeyShot has to offer in this latest release.


Utility Nodes
Hazel Suttle, XR Solutions Manager, INNEO Solutions

Utility nodes in KeyShot are powerful tools that allow you to manipulate and optimize materials and textures, providing flexibility and control in the rendering process. In this workshop we will go through some of these utility nodes and how they can affect your final renders.


Image Tab
Chris Udell, XR Technical Specialist, INNEO Solutions

Say goodbye to image processing software as this workshop will take you through all the post-editing features within Keyshot. Including Tone Mapping, Bloom, the new ACES Image Transform and more. 


Event ends: 12:30

Open discussion Q&A

Test our KeyShot experts with any questions that you might have and discuss the possibilities KeyShot can offer to help you gain your render goals.

Our Venue

Open discussion Q&A

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  • The event was informative and it was very interesting to listen to the speakers and the workshops hosted by Hazel and Chris. I’m leaving feeling very inspired!

  • Inspiring and thought provoking.

  • It was a great event, interesting presentations - nice venue, great service

  • It was a brilliant event and was great to see how people in different roles and industries used KeyShot.